• Changes in the international reality, due to a pandemic, that require modifications in contractual laws

Gabriela Godínez García

Due to the pandemic derived from Covid-19, many of the activities that are carried out on a daily basis had to change the way they were carried out, including office work that changed its headquarters to the homes of millions of workers, both in the public sector and in the private, for this reason federal deputy Geraldina Herrera Vega proposed that for next year, if this scheme continues, employers pay for electricity and internet for their employees.

He pointed out that for some time he has been working on the issue of future work, being a parliamentary liaison for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and in recent sessions this issue has been insistently addressed, as well as artificial intelligence, which is already a reality, has nevertheless been carried out without guidelines.

The legislator mentioned that the reform of the law that was proposed to the Chamber of Deputies seeks to regulate teleworking; initiative that was approved in the Senate on June 19, 2019; But until now, with the impact of the pandemic, they found it necessary to retake it, as this form of work is today.

He added that the proposal includes that the employer provide facilities to the employer to carry out activities within his home, including contract and legal benefits, in addition to internet and electricity payments, among other basic needs for the work development provided for in your contract, as if you were going to work at the office.

Herrera Vega, indicated that later modifications will be made to the Labor and Social Welfare Law regarding psychosocial issues and essential adjustments that must be made in homes to have adequate space to work.

On the other hand, he mentioned that among the advantages of teleworking, it is found that transfers are avoided, which in many cases involve a lot of time to get to the offices, time that is wasted and that at home they can take advantage of to improve their quality of life.